• Packaging & Design

Here are some packaging that we can offer also some designs that we have done in the past, some of these packaging and design is on request.

  • Amaray Style DVD Case Single
  • Amaray Style DVD Case Double
Clear Or Black Case
  •  Jewel CD Case (Standard)
            Clear Case with Clear
                     or Black Tray

  • Slimline Jewel Cases            
Clear Case with Clear
        or Black Tray

  • Standard Plastic Wallets
  • Paper Wallet With Window
            Clear Plastic Wallet
             White Paper Wallet
 Clear Plastis & Paper Wallets With Window

  • DVD Mailers
                                 All In White Cardboard
 CD & DVD Mailers

  • CD Mailers with Lid
                       All in White Cardboard
 CD Mailer (White Cardboard)

  • CD Or DVD Sleeves
  • Booklets
                  Colour Or Black & White
 DVD sleeves & Booklet

  • CD Business Cards
  • DVD Business Cards
 Printable Top or Tarnsparent top
Wallets Can be supplied if asked
  • CD Cardboard Wallet
  • DVD Cardboard Wallet 
Ony On Request
 CD Or DVD Carboard Wallet
  • CD Package with Leaflets
  • DVD Package with leaflets
Only On Request
 CD Or DVD Package With leaflets
  •  Clam Shell Case
Clear CaseS
Colourd Cases Only On Request
 Clam Shell Clear